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Welcome to .Leith version 2! This site is a small reflection and a little bit of information about me, Leith Caldwell. At some point I'll write a little bio of myself so the odd person that stumbles across me knows what this site is for! I very rarely have the time to maintain or update this site, other than my journal every now and again. Even that has a few (pretty big) gaps in there!

This site will always be under development in some way, I'm sure, however I will be making an effort to be putting up a bit more stuff on here, so check back if you're curious.

In the mean time, feel free to check out my university results or some of my other university projects, see some of things I'm interested in, or read my journal (feel free to leave a comment!). I somehow got convinced to put up some of my writing from over the years, too. I always like to hear from people that bother to visit my site, so you can also get in touch with me!


This is my first year participating, but I'm looking forward to NaNoWriMo! NaNoWriMo!
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Satoshi Kon (Friday, August 27th)

I don't know how many people will bother to see my little corner of the internet, particularly with how I neglect it, but I need to write about this.

On August 24th, anime director Satoshi Kon died at age 46 of cancer.


That's a few years younger than my father, who I have never really imagined leaving this world until much, much later in my lifetime. I don't even really know what to think about that, but it's very unsettling.

He was an amazing director and produced works that never got the attention I believe they deserve. In addition to hearing about and being deeply saddened by...read more!