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Summer Jam 2003

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The Official Report!


Overall, it was a good event. Lots of people really getting into music they appreciated. Lots of dancing, yelling and water thrown about in this glow-stick illuminated event. Between each of the acts, the obviously well known Edge DJs held little contests where you had to ring their cellphones to meet the bands. These were punctuated by bad humour and good laughs.

Elemeno P

The first act, they weren’t too bad. They could perform their songs to a reasonable degree and had a little bit of stage presence. The sound crew here got a chance to check the levels at every opportunity, resounding feedbacks and “Fast times in Tahoe” are the memories that will be taken away from this band.

Carly Binding

Without a doubt Carly Binding was the worst act to grace the stage. While a large contingent of teeny-bopper girls yelped significantly enough for her to have some applause, the majority of the crowd was unimpressed both by her music and by her attempts at stage-banter. Her songs became a blur, with only the song that she finished on being counted as not getting a large reek of apathy from the majority of the mob.


An obvious favourite for some of the crowd, the music was well played, well received and they seemed to have a lot of fun playing, infecting the crowd with their mood. One of the more impressive things about Rubicon was the lead guitarist/vocalist doing “the old switcheroo” as they put it to become the drummer, while still managing to be the lead vocals for some of the songs. Singing and drumming is harder than it looks. And it looks hard!

Nesian Mystik

Again, a lot of people really got into this act. The crowd size was by now beginning to increase and the roars likewise did also. The sound guys once again decided to play with the levels and so the majority of the music sounded like very heavily yelled rap rather than the quieter melodic vocals and music with decent (gasp) rap that one is accustomed to hearing from this band. Again, this act had a lot of fun on the stage, including a breakdance display at the end by one of the band members. All in all, good act with sometimes poor sound levels.


Much as though some of this band’s music has been classified as ‘poppy shite’ and ‘boy band material’, Zed came out with the best stage presence up till this point in the concert. The crowd really got into it, screaming and cheering all over the place. Zed played a myriad of songs from their new record as well as some old favourites which the crowd went nuts for. Even bringing a girl from the crowd to sing with them for ‘Glorafilia’, Zed had a thoroughly engaging stage presence and had fun being back in their home town with the crowd screaming for more.

“I had to dress up like a girl for this, so you better like it.”
–Lead singer of Zed, referring to the video filmed in the US with Rob Schneider

Good Charlotte

The one that everyone came to see, Good Charlotte didn’t disappoint. Fresh off the plane from a concert in Melbourne only a few hours earlier, Good Charlotte came on and “rocked the house”. The crowd by now had grown to epic proportions, thousands of fans jumping up and down in unison to almost every song that was thrown their way. Along with most excellent rock music, Good Charlotte had an awesome stage presence. Jumping up and down all over the stage in unison, emphasizing the pauses and putting deed to the shouted “JUMP!”, Good Charlotte was a fantastic show on stage. Compounding their awesome music and super show was an unexpected serious note. Good Charlotte talked about coping with suicide and suicidal thoughts, drunk driving and gave the sound advice, “If you’re really fucked up, join a band.” Revving up the crowd, Good Charlotte proclaimed Christchurch, New Zealand their new favourite town, telling the story of how New Zealand played their music when no one else really would (yes, I’m old enough to remember it) and how they had to come play here. Their first time in the Garden City, Good Charlotte loved us as much as thousands of screaming fans demonstrated how we love them.


The lead singer getting the order of the songs wrong, eager to play the Motivation Proclamation he skipped ahead a bit; the other main guitar/vocals apologising for being short to the fans that greeted him at the airport, “It’s understandable, right?”; everyone screaming in unison for a superb performance, throwing their bodies around in expression of their love of music and good times.

Thus ended Summer Jam.

Saluting in a suitably reporter-like-fashion,

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