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Dreams are odd

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Ok, so usually I don’t even remember my dreams, but this was just too weird, so I’m gonna share.

I didn’t get an awful lot of sleep and knew I wasn’t going to get a lot, so I set not one, not two, but three alarms to make sure I was up in time for my Golden Key meeting. It’s been a comedy of errors trying to get in touch with those guys, I tell you.

Anyway, on the third alarm, I don’t know what actually happened, but I suddenly was dreaming that I woke up. You know those dreams, where you think you wake up? Yeah, one of those. I got dressed and head off to my meeting and everything. Then I forgot something and went back and it started to unravel. The apartment I walked into was not my apartment, but some other apartment (although I had a room there and picked up… my wallet I think it was). Dad also lived there, and he caught me as I was about to leave again, took me into the office (there was an office, too) to show me some designs that some other designer had done for him for his company and wanted to know what I thought. I thought they were pretty cool, actually, and proceeded to say as much. We then both left the house heading towards university. Dad was walking across some grass and I was walking on the path. The footpath suddenly was cobblestone, and with weird inclines and stuff. I mean, Seattle’s hilly and I need to trudge up inclines all the time, but this was like rock-climbing! Anyway, after doing this for a while I had that sudden realisation that while my senses were mostly in the dream, I was aware that my body was lying in bed. Then suddenly my mind jerked back to my body and I found myself getting up and going and sketching out the designs that Dad showed me to the best of my ability before I needed to head off to my meeting. They looked rather cool… but come on, I’m so geeky that my subconscious is doing design work on the side?

That’s a whole new level of being geeky.

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Well, I’m a couple of days late on this entry for it, but Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! While I had thought that I was going to be spending the day doing work, I instead spent it at Joe’s Mum’s place with Joe, his Mum, his sister Katy and her fiance, Luke. All in all it was good fun. I got to know the family a little more, got to hear some hilarious stories about Joe, watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail and The Three Musketeers (I hadn’t seen that in years, it’s eminently quotable) and have a bunch of good food. Excellent. ^^

Oh, and when Joe and I were at the supermarket picking up some stuff, this guy walked past and complimented me on my cute dimples. Went something like this:
Random guy: “I just wanted to say you have really cute dimples!” *continues walking*
Me (slightly bewildered): “Thanks…”
Joe: “You know he was gay, right?”
Me: “Yeah.”
Joe: “And apparently hitting on you while he’s out with his partner.”
Me: “Yeah…”

I took the night off to sit and play some games as well, which was a nice change of pace from madly just doing academic stuff.

Today is actually Breffni’s birthday back in New Zealand, so Happy Birthday to Breffni! I already talked to her over MSN, which was nice, but I thought I’d announce it on here for the few people who actually read this as well.

The rest of this weekend ought to be taken up with writing code for my research and perhaps brief interludes for food and fun so I don’t go totally insane. Speaking of which, I think I shall get back to it, then be having some food with Joe soon.

Joe is an awesome flatmate. I talk to him all the time, we go for food and generally just get along. When I think of what flatmates are supposed to be like, I think of Joe. I’m gonna miss living with him after the end of this quarter. Oh, we watched Equilibrium the other day. Awesome movie, I thoroughly recommend it.

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White and Nerdy

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Ok, so I’m a big geek. Anyone that has met me, heard of me or possibly just seen a picture of me will know this.

My most excellent brother provided me with a ‘White & Nerdy’ hoodie from the music video of Weird Al‘s new song “White and Nerdy”. Awesome. So very awesome.

Anyway, along that line, I also had a phone interview with Microsoft today. I’m hoping to get a job with them after my exchange finishes, although I don’t know what kind of chances I have. I think I did pretty well at the phone interview, the next step ought to be an in person interview sometime in a couple of weeks. I’ve been pimping myself and my resume out to pretty much everyone I can think of over this quarter trying to get myself and internship or a full time job after the quarter ends. I’ve had some good communication with a few places, but the Microsoft thing is the only one that’s progressed to the interview thing so far. I dunno, we’ll see I guess.

I wore my hoodie out to the last anime club screening here at the UW, and when we all went out to Yunnie’s for bubble tea afterwards and people could actually see what I was wearing, just about everyone there at some point commented on how awesome my hoodie was. Highly appropriate venue.

Also, when Joe and I went to have dinner at this burger joint across the bridge, one of the waitresses on the way out stopped me and was gushing over how awesome my hoodie was. I felt paradoxically extremely nerdy and extremely cool at the same time.

Anyway, I’m a big geek and I love it.

School continues to be an awful lot of work, but I’m somehow managing to get by.

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I give up

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Ok, I’m just going to go backwards, because that appears to take less effort and not so much with the mammoth entries. I’m just gonna put in random crap and see how it goes.

Today I had dinner with Kyung and Aidan, two of my flatmates from the last time I lived in Seattle. It was good to touch base with them and hear what they were up to, that kind of thing.

Also, apparently I’m made of stern stuff (for the faint of heart/stomach, read no further). I was clipping my toenails and my big toe actually broke the damn clipper. I kid you not. I have to go and buy another one because of it. How lame is that?

Right, back to work. I’ll try and update some more, but I make no guarantees.

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