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Sipping on my Spider-man 3 brand soda and popping back my Spider-man 3 candy, I reflect on my own Spidey geekdom… earlier I went to pick up my Spider-man 3 tickets for the midnight screening on opening night. I was wearing my Spider-man t-shirt.

I have a Spider-man hoodie and a Spider-man plushie as well. ^^

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Movies and not spam

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Well, these days were filled with doing work, putting together more stuff for my application for the Japanese Monbukagakusho scholarship. I also saw a few movies on television (some DVDs, some just on TV) and in theaters. Here are the highlights: Grindhouse, Pathfinder, The Lake House, 300, Curse of the Golden Flower and Man of the year (this one was to cheer me up from a shitty, apathetic day… and it did a good job).

Anastasia also finished watching Fruits Basket with her friend Lea during this time, which I was half-watching as I worked on my laptop.

Oh, and I can apparently email Hotmail accounts again. Hurrah?

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I am not spam

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Just to clarify: for those of you that use Hotmail (or its associated incarnations; note that I don’t link to them), I can no longer email you. They have declared me to be spam and email me back saying “no”.

After wading through their documentation on the subject, I have determined that either
a) you need to put me on some kind of “white list” that says I’m ok,
b) they’re just retarded or
c) all of the above.

Suggestions: get Gmail, they don’t suck.

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Missing out

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Well, not only did I miss out on Weird Al touring NZ, it turns out that I shall also miss the opportunity to see Fred Gallagher (of Megatokyo fame) in my home country as well!

These are by no means isolated incidents. Why is it that when I go somewhere else, interesting things and people start happening where I was?

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Japanese festival

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The local Japanese club at UF put on a Japanese Spring festival for the first time this year. I think it’s a new club, actually.

Anyway, it was really awesome. We got to see some traditional dancing, a few awesome sets of this taiko drumming group that travels all over the world, judo/aikido demonstrations, calligraphy… all in all, Anastasia and I had a wonderful time. The only thing that was really missing from the experience was having Japanese cuisine to sample there as well. As I understand it, the only reason they didn’t have that was the restrictions that the university puts on events held on campus to do with catering. There was also a speech by an official Japanese dude wearing a colourful happi coat from the Consular Office down in Miami or something. Good stuff!

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