This is the page with my academic results from being at university, including the courses I did while I was in high school. The university I attended for my undergraduate study was the University of Canterbury where I majored in Computer Science, graduating with First Class Honours. I'm not entirely sure how long I'll keep this up, or how far back or forward I'll be putting these up. I could put up my high school results as well, I suppose.


Course Code Course Title Grade
4810-1120 3D Image Processing II A
4810-1114 Computer Graphics II B
4810-1131 Media Informatics II A
General 3 General Japanese Course - Intermediate level N/A


This was the first year I got grades in the Japanese system... I've added what I hope are equivalent letter grades, and will do so for next year's courses as well.

Course Code Course Title Grade
0510072 Computer Vision B
4850-1016 Human Interfaces A
4917010 Socio-Informatics Special Course B
4810-1158 Technical Writing in English A
0510071 User Interfaces A
General 3 General Japanese Course - Intermediate level N/A


In 2008 I moved to Japan on the Monbukagakusho Scholarship to pursue my Masters at the University of Tokyo in the Igarashi User Interfaces Lab. My initial focus was on learning the language and sorting out what research I was going to be working on. Specialised classes came the following year.

Course Code Course Title Grade
Intensive 1B Intensive Japanese Course - Elementary level
General pre-3 General Japanese Course - Intermediate level N/A
General Kanji II General Japanese Course - Intermediate Kanji N/A


In 2006 I attended the University of Washington on exchange as a Visiting Graduate in the Computer Science department for my Honours year. The grades in the US are based on a 4.0 scale ('A' being the highest), so there isn't a direct grade equivalence to being in New Zealand. I've put in grades where available, as a lot was just on a credit/no-credit basis. I steadily improved my grades over the year, getting 4.0s in my last quarter - I guess it took me a while to get used to everything! My cumulative GPA for the year was 3.66, whatever that means.

Course Code Course Title Grade
ARCH482 Web Weaving A
CSE450 Animation Production Seminar Credit
CSE519 Current Research Seminar Credit
CSE520 Research Colloquia Credit
CSE557 Computer Graphics B+
CSE558 Special Topics in Computer Graphics: 3D Photography A-
CSE576 Computer Vision B+
CSE590A Research Seminar: Current Research in Artificial Intelligence Credit
CSE590B Research Seminar: Computer Graphics Credit
CSE590U Research Seminar: Topics in Ubiquitous Computing Credit
CSE599C Special Topics: Hot Topics in Data Management Credit
CSE599G Special Topics: Computer Security A
CSE600 Independent Study Credit
INSC598 Special Topics: Digital Culture Credit


Course Code Course Title Grade
AFIS323 e-Business Systems: Design, Management and Security A+
COSC331 Data Communications and Networks A
JAPA101 Elementary Japanese Language B+
JAPA108 Introduction to Japanese Culture A
MATH106 Mathematics 1C A
MATH231 Discrete Methods A+


Course Code Course Title Grade
AFIS121 Introduction to Financial Accounting A-
ASTR109 The Cosmos: Birth and Evolution A-
COSC229 Algorithms A+
COSC230 Programming Languages A+
COSC231 Introduction to Data Communications and Networks A+
COSC322 Programming Languages A-
COSC326 Database Management A
COSC329 Advanced Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence A+
COSC363 Computer Graphics A-
MATH221 Algebra and Cryptography A


Course Code Course Title Grade
COSC204 Experimental Computer Science B
COSC221 Computer Systems A
COSC222 Models of Computation A+
COSC224 Software Engineering A-
COSC225 Human Computer Interaction and Computer Graphics B+
COSC226 Introduction to Databases B+
MATH115 Discrete Mathematics A
MUSI109 From Rag to Swing: the Evolution of Jazz A-
PHIL134 Logic A


The following are the university courses I took as a member of the STAR program while in my final year of high school.

Course Code Course Title Grade
COSC121 Introduction to Computer Science A+
COSC122 Data Structures & Algorithms B+