This section is for the various pieces I have written over the years that for some reason I got convinced to put online. If I get permission to post other people's work I like (particularly if it inspired any of my pieces), this is where it will go.

If you want to share how you feel about a piece, what you think or if you like something, let me know. If you don't like it, don't read any more. I'm not interested in critiques or ways to improve my writing, this is just something that pops out very occasionally and expresses itself. Sometimes there is accompanying music in my head, but I'm not talented enough to be able to translate that into something that other people can hear just yet.

If you want to reproduce any of this anywhere, in any form, please let me know first.


Love is a string,
     Tied to your heart.
Love is a race
     Where you finish at the start.

Love is the belief
     Of dreamers and fools.
Love is construction
     Without any tools.

Love is a quest
     That never does end.
Love is insanity - 
     Driven round the bend.

Love is a roller coaster,
     One hell of a ride.
Love is a battle
     With no one on your side.

Love is a pain,
     Stabbing in your chest.
Love is a lie
     That gives you no rest.

Love is a mountain
     Which I cannot climb.
Love poems are lame,
     Especially ones that rhyme.

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