This section is for the various pieces I have written over the years that for some reason I got convinced to put online. If I get permission to post other people's work I like (particularly if it inspired any of my pieces), this is where it will go.

If you want to share how you feel about a piece, what you think or if you like something, let me know. If you don't like it, don't read any more. I'm not interested in critiques or ways to improve my writing, this is just something that pops out very occasionally and expresses itself. Sometimes there is accompanying music in my head, but I'm not talented enough to be able to translate that into something that other people can hear just yet.

If you want to reproduce any of this anywhere, in any form, please let me know first.

Sky tears

I look through the glass at the rain outside, wondering if the season has thoughts
My view is shared with a confused spider, wandering and wondering at the view
The skyline blurs and fades, buildings hiding themselves in the haze
The trees in front of me bow their boughs, greenly refusing to surrender to autumn

Does the sky weep, I wonder?
What does it weep for?
Does it weep as I do, for innocence lost?
Does it weep as I do, trying to comfort helplessly?

My eight-legged companion wanders back and forth on the sill
Pausing only to look out into the torrent beyond its reflection
Eventually it leaves the window, scurrying away to a hiding spot
From there it will knit silken threads, like a mother by the fire

Does the spider weep too, I wonder?
What does it weep for?
Does it weep as I do, for an uncertain future?
Does it weep as I do, curled up with no blanket to hide in?

If I walk outside and sit on the ground, let the rain soak my skin
Would I feel the season's discontent, would I feel its sadness?
If I meditate in the mist, out there in amidst
All of nature's change in mood, can I feel it? Can you?

Would I weep then too, I wonder?
What would I weep for?
Can I weep as I do, feeling what I need to feel?
Can I weep as I do, unfettered by self-consciousness?

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